PR is becoming the most effective communication tool in this day and age. That is because the consumer is not seeking out traditional advertising anymore. In fact, they might even be using their own effort to avoid it. The big advantage of PR is that a company can very quickly react to any changes in the market  or any kind of communication error.  Forget lenghty campaign creating process, media and print orders etc. Sometimes while dealing with those things, the matter gets fixed in the meantime, but maybe not to the clients liking.

Public Relations is a tool of patience and long term use. It brings fruit after two or more years of use in the form of a shift in label perception, company perception, or whatever the contracting authority requested. PR Mix is always determined at the begining of cooperation with the client, in the form of strategic policies. We regularly supply monitoring/press clipping to our clients.

ABOXS focuses on: 

Product PR
Corporate PR
Internal PR
Media Relations