“With Aboxs we gradually set up cooperation that fully reflects our needs. Succes lies in Aboxs' correct understanding of our business, to which they modify their ideas and choose ways of communication that help us target our customers effectively.”

Martin Bratičák, Head of Channel for CEE, Zyxel Network

„We chose PR asour main communication channel for building a relationship with the public. We chose Aboxs in the competition, even though their position was weaker, they were one of the smaller companies. but they won us over with their ideas and impressive understanding of our needs. I know that PR is a neverending process, where apart from the particular successes we need to focus on and evaluate long term goals. It is still quite early for that. In cooperation with Aboxs, I value in particular its active, pragmatic and flexible approach.”

Milan Baran, Executive Director of Office Depot

"I  first tried working with Aboxs 7 years ago as a head of one database company and i have soon found out that I like the style of their cooperation. Since then, I have worked in two other companies and I continued using their services, mainly because they always manage to fulfill my expectations and because i have a high level of trust in their employees."

František Grunt, Marketing Director AdlerCzech