June 19, 2015

When Trends Replace Enthusiasm

Long ago I have discovered a hidden bike shop. It was a tiny little room, but inside it was every cyclists dream. Paradise stuffed full of goods laying all over the place, and the place to go for great customer service. A group of cycling enthusiasts, happy to help and give advice at any time. Passion for bikes oozed out of every bike valve.


This year they have expanded, lightened up and updated  the workshop. The volume of goods on their shelves was reduced to a third. The enthusiasts moved to the backroom behind the shop and placed a sales assistent  behind a counter, whos mission is to pretend to be eager to give you all that your money can buy. Watching the change, I asked for a capped valve, to test if he retained any of the original zest for work. As i was paying I told him about a discount had been using all these years, considering all the bikes, speedometers, protective coats, oil and valves i have bought in their shop over the years. The sales assistan began filing my registration and gave me  a plastic card. New agem he said. I did not take it, because I have plenty of card sjust like that from other stores. I asked him if he could keep it for me. He said no. New age.

I asked the sales assistant about the reason behind the extreme minimalism in the arrangement of goods. He began passionaltely explaining this new trend.

And that if by any chance I am getting the impression that there is very little of it, im wrong. All of the sizes, types and colours are in the warehouse. All one needs to do is ask. So I asked him how are other customers accepting the change. Again he appeared to become very passionate but has not answered me. I said goodbye politely. That is what I always do when i know I am somewhere for the last time.


Martin Lidický


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