September 16, 2014

Salesmen or product pushers?

It is more and more evident,that sales assistants don’t only sell their products, but they push goods that you do not need.

This one time I went to buy gas to OMV. I took gas for 2000 crowns and while paying the lady started offering a wafer, and if not a wafer then I will definitely take a pack of skittles, or a car fragrance. She had all this lined up in front of her, as if she was playing monopoly. I dont have the energy that I don’t feel like a wafer or skittles, and that I don’t like the scent of the car fragrance. I say no without stating why and she switches to a heavier strategy. She says she gets points for every item sold, and that points mean money and I am basically taking that money away from her with my attitude. Here they reached the top, if the top is complete degradation of their staff.

From OMV i run straight to Billa. They are cool until the point when I come up to the counter to pay. Then Citibank’s jocose clowns come asking if i have a company or personal account. I reply that I don’t want to have anything to do with their company. The only thing i hear is far why….? why….? I say to myself that this is a store with fast moving consumer goods, so these things just happen.

Couple days later I went to aspecialised Kjus store. It is expensive and probably luxurious. The sales assistant fires his first question at me after about three seconds: Have you ever been here before? No, not yet. Second question came when I was browsing the first aisle. Do you have some Kjus products already? No, I am leaving. I probably wouldn’t buy anything even without these nosy questions, but maybe I would come and buy something some other time. Like this I know i will never come again.

It seems that salespeople have stopped being advisors and helpers. They have become product pushers.

Martin Lidický


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