February 06, 2015

Give zero damn about your face?

Sometimes graphic design is only perceived as necessary evil. There are tendencies to deal with it quickly, with the lowest cost. As if people have forgotten that design is a part of the face of every company. That it has a special power to reach customers on a subliminal level. It can speak to them non-verbally, and it can speak more then a long text.

You want to ask the question: why is graphic design still so underrated?

The problem has two sides;on one hand there are thousands and thousands of self-taught designers, offering their services at a low price. Then there are adjudicators without the right ability to adjudicate. I dont mean to say they have no taste, they just do not see the detail. They do dont care for them. Money comes first. It is the same as if a product had a small flaw, which is visible, but does not affect the function.

However, you buy the product for yourself, but you order graphic desing for the whole company, where you are not primarily responsible for the quality. In the company you are responsible for things that can be measured, such as a budget, results. Unfortunately i know no one who had to terminate their contract for giving the thumbs-up to insufficient graphic project.

Just as a high quality product, graphic design is hard to be found on the first try. Good graphic design is born from a number ideas, from which the less viable ones slowly fall away and you are left with the quality ones. For this you need time, and time is money. The winning idea is still only the beginning, you need to play with it, challenge it, let it rest, try different typeface, think, challenge it again, change it. Again, the main factor is time. Nowadays it is a luxury, but it pays off because eventually you arrive at a piece of work that is flawless. Maybe even perfect. If we like it or not, the time of perfection is upon us. In all areas, even graphic design.

Martin Lidický

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